5G, the next generation mobile connection technology, is just around the corner. China is one of the biggest providers of 5G equipment. Thus, it’s no surprise that it’s one of the first countries to launch the new technology. Chinese smartphone makers have offered 5G capable phones for some time, but the technology was not readily available yet. Now consumers are slowly able to start making use of the network and Jing Dong shows how.

Jing Dong opened 5G Experience Stores in China to let people experience the new technology first hand. The important parties to make this work are all present. Jing Dong worked together with China Unicom to make the technology available. China Unicom staff are available on the floor to explain how to use 5G to interested consumers. Huawei made the 5G capable phones available for people and also had staff members walking around to answer questions.

5G is without a doubt the next generation mobile connectivity technology that every modern country at some point will adopt. The fact that China is one of the first countries to launch the network is unsurprising. Jing Dong has taken this opportunity to cement their brand image as the leader in consumer electronics. By opening up 5G Experience Stores, the retailer only further associates itself with next generation consumer electronics.

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