After the launch of the store, WebshopinChina will take care of Chinese customer service and operational shop management, including shop updates. Our team of business analysts closely monitor the results of the online store, optimizing the path to growth and success.

Chinese Customer Service

On the western market, customer service is often associated with after-sales service. On the Chinese market, this is vastly different. Having an operational and widely accessible customer service is one of the most important factors to ensure sales. A lack of pre-sales service has a huge impact on the image Chinese consumers perceive. This is where we come in: we set up your customer service in Shanghai, so that we can meet the demands of your customers once again!

Logistics Solutions

The language and culture barrier between the western world and China means that it’s often difficult to find the most efficient way to set up a logistics system. Finding a logistics company is not as easy a quick search on English search engines. Over the years WebshopinChina has accumulated the necessary contacts and experience to do the job for you. We set up the logistics according to your wishes and are qualified to negotiate the specifics that your business demands.

Shop Updates

In all the years we’ve done business in China, we’ve learnt one thing: if you stop improving you stop being relevant! The Chinese e-commerce market is not only the biggest e-commerce market, it’s also one of the most dynamic. If you can’t keep up with the newest trends, consumers won’t hesitate to take their money somewhere else. We’ve learned and developed the skills over the years to rapidly adapt in this highly competitive market. We will ensure your business always stays on the forefront of what’s hot in the eyes of the Chinese customer.

Store Analytics & Reporting

We are only humans and humans are prone to mistakes. WebshopinChina has developed their own in-house tool to monitor everything that happens in and out of your shop, so human mistakes can be taken out of the equation. Data is more important than ever and we offer multiple ways to access the relevant information you need: from accessing the data available on the online platforms to using our own in-house developed tool that combines all platforms, we offer a solution fit for your needs.

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