The way in which Chinese consumers utilize the web and interact with marketing content differs significantly from those of European consumers. Indeed, almost every online service from the western world is either unavailable or displaced by a domestic alternative. Therefore, your current online strategies often cannot be directly adapted to China. WebshopinChina creates a marketing strategy tailored to the Chinese market that will significantly increase sales to Chinese consumers.

Compose Marketing Plan

With over 20,000 shops on Tmall alone, it’s sometimes hard to stand out from the crowd. WebshopinChina has learned this time and time again, but we’re always up for a challenge! We have learned how to market your brand in the most efficient way to the high demanding Chinese consumer. It doesn’t matter if it’s to give your brand a boost at launch or a boost to be relevant again; we’ve done it all!

Composing a marketing plan for the big platforms

Product Promotions, Coupons & Discounts

While shopping on Chinese platforms, you can sometimes be blindsided by all the promotion material. Nevertheless, this is what the Chinese e-commerce platform has evolved in and WebshopinChina has adapted. Chinese consumers are used to huge offerings of discounts, coupons and other ways that rewards loyal customers and we are here to meet demands. We will compose a plan that meets those demands for both you and your customers!

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Brand awareness is more relevant than ever; Chinese consumers associate western brands with high quality and status, but that doesn’t mean branding is easy. The competition is fiercer than ever, but WebshopinChina has developed the experience to come ahead of the competition more than once. We use the positive association with western brands to our advantage, while using our vast network and experience to spread the awareness quickly.

Social Media Management

Similar to the western world, social media has dominated the minds of many consumers in China in the past few years. Not so similar, however, is how the social media platforms work on top of the language and cultural differences with our social media platforms. Our team consists of multiple Chinese social media experts that can manage your accounts to ensure you don’t lack what is deemed a necessity nowadays!

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