WebshopinChina is experienced in setting up online shops in China from beginning to end; from the platform selection and application procedure to the design and creation of the webshop. Our specialized design, development and bilingual copywriting team will ensure your message is fully delivered to the Chinese market. We are a certified JingDong Worldwide partner and are closely collaborating with Tmall Global, Amazon China and various other online marketplaces. We are also here if you would like to have your Chinese stand-alone website designed and built.

Application Online Marketplaces

Did you know that the popular online shopping platforms like Tmall and Jingdong are one of the most strict platforms in the world when it comes to applying for an official account? Everything you need for application, from documents to logistics, require loads of preparation before you can apply for an online shop. WebshopinChina has helped many of our clients streamline this process and as such we have become experts on the complicated, but necessary process. We will guide you through the application procedure in a fast and efficient way, while negotiating your specific wishes.

Tmall store application website

Design and build e-shop or website

After finishing the application procedure for an online shop at one of the big Chinese e-commerce platforms, it’s time to sell; this is where the real fun begins! The fact that you open a shop on Tmall or Jingdong does not mean that you are restricted to only selling and shipping. There are unlimited ways to design your shop to fit your brand image. We will help you design a shop that meets your needs, as well as the high expectations the Chinese consumers associate with a professional shop.

Gillio WeChat mini program store

IT integration

As one could expect, most of the processes of doing B2C business in China takes place behind the computer nowadays. This means that it’s essential to streamline the process not only in the front end, but also in the back end. Our in-house developers will ensure a stable and future proof set-up, so that your customers can reliably access your shop and buy your products. In case something does happen, we’re always on stand-by to intervene whenever necessary!

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