On September 12th, the 4th edition of the festival went live in Hangzhou. The event, this time, will span two weeks, up from four days last year!

Taobao Maker Festival was organized for the first time in 2016, to showcase varying products from Taobao sellers. The idea was to host an offline event to showcase a wide variety of items, from technology innovations to cultural heritage. Alibaba plans to scale the event to a scale that puts Taobao on a global display.

The festival started as a trial run in 2016. After a successful trial, Alibaba ran a successful scale up run. Last year was the biggest festival yet, but Alibaba plans to trump that with two weeks and two different locations. The festival will be held at the Hangzhou Boiler Factory and the Hangzhou West Lake.

The festival is very diverse, with people showcasing innovations and creativity. You can enjoy high quality cuisine with artificial meat, check out rapid-firing 3D technology and traditional Chinese architecture built with Lego-like blocks among other things. What do you look the most forward to?

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