Does your business understand Chinese e-commerce?

E-commerce is exploding across China. Entering this enormous market, however, presents some challenges. Including language, media properties, consumption patterns and a unique digital market. WebshopinChina’s data team is at your service to provide data insights, identify key drivers of growth, and give recommendations that will empower your business to enter or to appropriate the Chinese market with confidence.

The way Chinese consumers use the web and interact with content differs significantly from European Internet users. While European internet users enjoy directness and convenience in e-commerce, Chinese consumers are heavily focused on interaction and fixated on enjoying the ‘experience.’ Therefore, an in-depth understanding of the Chinese market is essential for long-term digital success.

Our China experts’ in-depth market research will enable your business to better understand the digital Chinese market. It will help determine which product will be most suitable for your consumer group. But also which platform will be most suitable to launch your product on. In turn, providing you with the highest chance of success in the Chinese E-commerce market.

Interested in finding out what opportunities your business might have in the digital Chinese market? Sign up now to get in touch with a specialist form our China data insights team. If desired, we can take a closer look at scenarios and perform an in-depth market research specific to your business.

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