The Chinese Customer Journey

The Chinese customer journey In recent years much has been said about the Chinese consumer, the explosive growth of the e-commerce market and how it is an interesting market with

China E-commerce Bootcamp registration has opened

China E-commerce Bootcamp registration has opened China has become the largest e-commerce country in the world. Besides the fact that the Netherlands can learn a lot from the developments in

The Online Revenue For Online Grocery Shopping In China Will Be More Than Double In 2020

The Online Revenue For Online Grocery Shopping In China Will Be More Than Double In 2020   The market for grocery shopping in China is expected to make a yearly increase

3 things we can still learn from Chinese e-commerce.

Although the Chinese e-commerce market is still relatively young it is noteworthy to mention that it already boasts 379,35 billion euros worth of sales compared to the 272,02 billion of

How the search for ‘beer’ changed the online world completely.

By now nearly everyone has heard of Alibaba. Perhaps you have ordered from one of their websites, or you are just simply in awe of the behemoth that managed to conquer the global

The Chinese ‘Super Consumer’

The Chinese ‘Super Consumer’ The Chinese ‘Super Consumer’ is a term that has recently been trending on the Internet, and it is predominantly used to describe Chinese millennials. But who are

Dutch products via drones to the Chinese countryside

If you are living in one of the big cities in China it has become a lot easier to buy and receive Dutch products from cross-border platforms.  But it is

Hot off the press: Wechat to expand presence in Europe

Wechat is eying expansion of their services in Europe. The popular Chat app is set to open their first office in the United Kingdom later this year. In addition they

How Chinese millennials are discovering fitness

Doing business in China goes hand-in-hand with lavish banquets and bottles of Baijiu (Chinese rice wine). Combined with the high level of stress on the work floor has increased the

Food safety in China (Gelatine Shrimps? Anyone?)

The distrust of the Chinese consumer of local food suppliers has spiked after another food safety scandal. The Shrimps where injected with gelatine in order to make them look more

The Chinese Babyboom: everything for the Little Emperor.

The birth-rates in China have risen to their highest level since 2000, the increase is a result of the relaxation of the one-child policy in 2014. Since then it is

Companies in line for E-trade mission to Alibaba

Over 100 Dutch and Belgium companies have shown interest in the first ever E-trading mission to organised by the RVO and  Alibaba Holland. The trading mission to Alibaba’s headquarters in

The rise of Chinese Cross-border shopping

Good news for foreign brands that are contemplating to enter China: according to a recent survey from eMarketer, Cross-border e-commerce spending in China is set to expand even more. Last

Singles day: Alibaba breaking all records again

And again Alibaba broke all records during this year’s Singles’ day with an increase of more than 32 percent compared to last year. The platform noted over $17.8 billion worth