What is WeChat

WeChat is an application, created by Tencent, that was originally used for just instant messaging, however due to the demand of the Chinese market Wechat quickly developed into the digital version of a Swiss army knife. Wechat now in addition to just instant messaging also offers functions for social media, e-commerce and even payment services.

Wechat’s core business is now e-commerce and due to their fast “one-click-payment” function makes it an ideal platform for ordering online and since it is the most popular communication channel in China it is often the most convenient way to order for over 700 million users.

Webshop in WeChat

Wechat shops offer a convenient way for your customers to find and access your products and also a simple way to process payments.

In addition to being a great platform to serve as a shop, WeChat also has great customer service functionality allowing you to directly be in touch with your customers through the same application. Thanks to this functionality WeChat offers an advanced customer experience that is integrated in the most popular communication application in China today. For more detail, please go to: www.webshopinwechat.com

WeChat Mini-program & Mini-Stores

WeChat recently launched two new functionalities that can serve as a WeChat marketing tool. WeChat mini-programmes andWeChat Mini-Stores are applications that require no download or install. Meaning you can instantly use the application once you come across them. Seeing as WeChat’s functionality includes a very large social media network this means that your application can be easily discovered and used by potential customers.

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Weibo Marketing Tool

Weibo is a Chinese micro blogging website. That is very similar to a hybrid of sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Weibo it is one of the most popular sites in China, in use by well over 30% of Internet users, with a market penetration similar to the United States’ Twitter. WebshopinChina offers their expertise on this platform allowing your business to use it as a marketing tool.